Program Contents

8 Hypnosis MP3s

There are two hypnosis sessions for each phase of your cycle. Alternate these day-to-day to create an immersion with purposeful hypnotic suggestions, metaphors, and imaginative paths for your mind and body to make the most of every opportunity for conception.

Each session speaks to the body for optimal hormone balance and physical receptivity, and also suggests helpful thoughts and emotional responses to encourage calm and welcome in the body.

Two additional hypnosis MP3s accompany this program. Calm Reset is a rapid self-hypnosis process to release the effects of stress -- use this brief mp3 as often as you like throughout the day. Connect and Thrive is designed for listening during early pregnancy to support the physical changes already underway, and open the door to connect emotionally with your developing baby, free from fear.

This program is appropriate for anyone working with their natural cycle pattern

(including those taking oral medication to stimulate the hypothalamus and pituitary response),

and for those who've experienced PCOS.

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Hi, I'm Tracy Barrett Adams, clinical hypnotherapist and fertility specialist.

In my clinical hypnotherapy practice, I specialize in medical hypnosis. Although I love working with issues like pain and insomnia, about a third of my practice is dedicated to hypnotherapy to ease the path for conception, pregnancy, and birth.

I would be honored to share this time of discovery and change with you. Using the natural state of hypnosis to create a bridge between your mind and body, I'll guide you through tools to create a mindset to enhance the journey you're moving through.